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About me

Yes Salman Metobo is my real name no kidding!I’ve studied BSc in Telecommunication & Information Engineering, and BSc Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (JKUAT). I indulge in all kinds of interesting activities however and my deep passion for beauty and style especially through Graphic Design is my characteristic scent.

Check out my feature on CNN:

Salman Metobo CNN appearance on Africa partnership with China and the World

I love to experience a sense of adventure with technology, art and media to build success stories for companies and individuals.

Be it a newspaper advertisement,Logo ,book cover, Website retouch,Public Print advert,Magazine layout, or even your wedding photo correction and complete removal of blemishes, you do not want to take chances because that would most certainly cost you big time.Now don’t stress it,God made sure there are people like me to help nice people like you.Our purpose is to spare your precious time away from smaller things so you can focus on bigger stuff you’re truly meant for.

what i do:

  • research
  • plan
  • design
  • execute

what i am:

  • organized
  • simplistic
  • elegant
  • time-conscious

How to find me:

  • use my contacts,follow me on twitter or lets be friends on facebook!

If you take a trip round the beautiful scenes of Africa ranging from the fierce Thomson Falls of Nyandarua to the ancient pyramids of Egypt to the goldmines of Johannesburg,we will probably bump into each other.


Herd of female impala at the famous Masai Mara,Kenya

I am a lover of nature from which I draw most of my inspiration.If you’re one of those people that would lie in bed listening to the rhythmic pounds of raindrops on your rooftop or watch by the window as tiny drops gracefully turn into heavy torrents with a bit of an aura,or if you enjoy watching the moon and the stars and the shapes they create,then we originate in the same world.

apart from the occasional insanity where my head loves to spin way fast in the face of computers and fiber optics,I find myself doing normal things too like swimming with friends,watching science fiction,comedy and inspirational movies,playing little games with kids,gardening,reading inspirational books,dancing, face-booking and all sorts of life explorations.

but above all experience has made me stand out in graphic design creativity whenever there is a need.I believe in nihil praetor optimum,which is Latin for ‘nothing but the best’,because best is what you always pay for.the bad news about my great services however is that they are expensive because great designers need great working conditions,which are expensive.



Salman N. Metobo

Cell Phone: +254718534064 | Postal Address: 3526-40200,Kisii Kenya.

Email: salman.metobo@gmail.com, salman.metobo@kisii.go.ke


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