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picture of a complete logo

Designing a good logo is a tasking process but essential to every business.it’s the smallest tool that takes color,illustration and even text to give full identity to a brand.this is the process most designers and I often use but again this is a creative field so each has something unique about their style.

Research begins with a design brief where the designer obtains proper details from the client including the nature of their business,what clientel they’re targeting,any customization requirements they might suggest for instance color and definitely the business name and slogan.find out how much the client plans to dedicate to the project,whether they have a fixed deadline in mind for the project,what their goals are and why.let the client help you identify who their competitors are and how they differ from them.find out what the idea was behind the business name then you can now move to documenting. you should draft a business agreement including the amount to be charged and specify what percentage the client should provide for work to begin.I usually begin design work with 40-50% then the rest is paid immediately the logo has been approved and finalized.once the client signs and you have your work deposit,it’s time to gather information on current trends which will ensure your logo fits the market it’s meant for.

Now from the design brief and competitors’ sampled logos,come up with concepts of your own.I prefer to make sketches on paper since it allows me to move around while thinking and it obviously takes less time trying out various ideas.
brainstorming ideas

You can take breaks to reflect on the concepts already drawn.this renews your energy and boosts a clearer thought process.get feedback from someone.it could even be a stranger!actually this is how I met my first girlfriend so you can see how the designer’s creativity comes in handy everywhere.

Transfer your concepts into a computer using software that meets modern design needs like adobe illustrator.do all your fine tuning and test various combinations of colour.

Select the best three or four concepts and send to the client for approval.storming them with too many concepts will only complicate things for both of you and end up taking too much time.trust that if you’re the designer then you know best and choosing the right concept is your prerogative. Once a concept is approved,perfect it and deliver the right formats in CD eg 300dpi JPEG,PNG 72dpi 800×800. That is it!

click on the picture to see the whole tutorial by Jacob Cass

Pricing and Costing Pricing is one of the issues that comes up every time.how do you price your work? There are many factors to consider when determining the price including the intensity of research required,the time committed into completion of the project,the customized needs of the client etc.the bottom line is,the quote for each client varies from time to time.you need to be affordable and still have something to keep your design business around tomorrow.

— Salman Metobo is a design consultant with Skyleap Agencies Ltd|Telecommunications Engineering student at JKUAT|mobile +254718534064 email:salman.metobo@gmail.com


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