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How to create a stunning poster in no time

Create a poster and give it a professional touch with 10 simple tricks listed below.posters are one of the most powerful tools of communication you can use to promote business,boost your portfolio and even bring out the artistic side of your personality.


Whether you are a designer with a long list of clients with so little time or just a hobbyist who wants to spice up his room or office,this is how to go about it.

1.open the a design software of choice,i prefer adobe Photoshop but any can do

2.open a new document under file menu and specify the size to that you want the poster to be e.g A4.pick CMYK which is best for a printed poster or RGB best for web uploads.

3.play around with different backgrounds but in-case you have any doubts,plain white is always the best option.Remember you are trying to work fast to beat the deadline!

4.at this stage,think of what the poster is meant to achieve.is it a college advertisement for an upcoming event?is it a wall hanging for your living room?write it down somewhere

5.ask yourself these questions and make a quick list of all the answers.
*who is the poster targeting or what kind of audience should it attract when its done?
*what do you want to tell this audience?
*what should they do after having seen your poster?
*finally,what are the words that come to mind when you think of your audience and your message to them?you can utilize Google in-case you are experiencing the ‘writer’s bloc’olympics-posters

6.import an image most relevant to your answers above or download a quality one through Google and always go for the big resolution type.its pretty easy to manipulate.place the image on the top left if not sure and then enlarge it to the rest of the background by pressing Ctr l+T,then hold shift as you drag at the lower right-hand corner to the desired size.

7.Now its time for text or type.select a good one according to your test but ensure its visible enough.select a bold color for your text and ensure it contrasts well with your image if placed on the image or background if placed on the background.
Type your message using the list you wrote and make it as short as possible.remember not many people are going to waste their precious time reading your details but for a quick glance they have no choice,so take advantage of that quick glance to pass your message across!

8.move back and look at your piece of artwork from various angles.visualize it on it on a wall somewhere and make all the alterations you want in terms of color,placement of text,size of each element etc.

9.Ensure there is only one focal point to hold your audience’s attention and make it more appealing by making one element dominant using size,texture or even outstanding color.test and apply whatever works for you.design is about freedom and that’s why i love it so much

10.congratulations!You are almost there but this step is really important.Show your design to a friend and ask them what they think you should improve on.you will be surprised how much you could not see on your own!remember not everybody can create a good porter but anyone will note when they come across one.

Minor differences in taste for things like color should not get you worried much however.
You can post your comments to add on anything i might have left out,let me know what you think or even ask questions.Thanks for reading.

Need is the mother of invention,creativity is the father!


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