Tracing the Lost Path With Pencil and Pad

Just the other day during one of my nature walks i found myself seated on a huge log of tree quietly resting beneath leafy branches,and it was all peaceful.

Old memories started to rekindle especially those days i used to sit still in the studio for hours drawing stencils set by our art teacher on a table at one of the dimly lit corners.

I started to see lines of graphite cris-crossing and i could hear the weaverbirds singing not far behind me.The two spiraled together into some kind of harmonic monotones and as it got to crescendo the feeling was almost therapeutic!

I guess at one point or the other we all have that delicious memory of a blissful moment we wish to savour over and over again.
Thats how that evening i ended up visiting a few galleries online and the following day i was already searching for the younger salman with a light pencil and a big texturized sketchbook

I realized how lost i had become but when a visiting friend admired a few of the sketches i had left strewn on the table that same night,i began to walk through the old path i had lost trace of.

I will definately not refuse to share some of the pencil sketches with you on this very platform as soon as am done with easter break.

Meanwhile there’s this beautiful pencil sketch i came across the other day and the artist could be having are more you might like.If you have a soft spot for fine art deep down within you then why not…go ahead and have a glimpse!
Art Prints

If you’ll allow me to quote from one my favourite movies ‘The other end of the kind’,….
It’s my pleasure doing nice things for nice people,nice people like you!


3 comments on “Tracing the Lost Path With Pencil and Pad

  1. Hi anonymous…wish you left your name but thank you for stopping by

  2. na tuendelee hivyo tuu

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