Mind Your Business Card

business card

business card (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Just like me before,you must be wondering why the business card is a big deal for you or everyone else for that matter.Its the simplest and probably the cheapest item i know that can take you places in both the corporate and design world.whether you’re a just starting a small curio shop next to Kichwa-Tembo camp in the Masai Mara or you’re in the midst of multimillion dollar enterprises in Hawaii,there are 5 strong reasons why you should be close friends with your business card.

1.it advertises you earnestly

2.it boldly represents your style.

3.it boosts your profile a great deal and earns you tones of respect just as a great book would do to an author,not to mention

4.the client’s trust is vital to any business and a sleek professional business card has a way of persuading the client to some extent that you can be trusted.

5.its the finest summary of your investment to remind you of the world you represent.its a constant reminder of your hard work and kind of a compliment which you sure deserve if you’re determined to work on your business just as much as you want it to work for you.

Need is the mother of invention,creativity is the father!


3 comments on “Mind Your Business Card

  1. When it comes to business cards especially when we talk about custom business cards we can say that are perfect asset to spread a word about any business. There are now days online printing companies offering online printing services to print your custom business cards of various design like Dow Printing.

  2. Your rite there are many companies offering online printing services but if you print your cards in digital card printer many peoples impress with your cards. Plastic business cards.

  3. Thank you Dow printing for the insight.I just visited your site to see what you do.You're definately right too Muddassar digital printers bring out the designs just as you see them on screen if done well.Thats what i've been using myself and my clients have been happy so far

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