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Effective Advertisement


हिन्दी: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The best way to reach your market and get it to accept your offer is through advertising but the problem is how to make it effective.Commercials do not care how much time or money you spend making them.They are either effective or they are not.
That’s why some things can never be overlooked while trying to come up with catchy,exciting adverts.With examples of one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Africa Safaricom and its main rival Airtel,i will show you how simple it can be to woe or loose your clientele with the simple yet profound tricks the small market players around the globe always overlook.

All you need to do as a marketer of your brand is simply to convince the customers that you have exactly what they need and of course you have to see to your promise otherwise the customers will lose all confidence in your brand in a blink of an eye.Gaining their confidence back to help redeem your business will end up becoming even more costly than than the simple precautions you would have taken to prevent any pitfalls in the first place.
So what are some of these dynamics that help create a selling advert?Lets go have a look:

1.thought process
its very important to understand the most likely effect your advert is going to create the moment your customer sees it for the first time.how do you expect them to react and what action are you inspiring them to take after they see your commercial?
if the answer is resentment,then you have to go back to the drawing board.
if its excitement,then you are on the right track
safaricom must have known the power in this when they once came up with an idea that included an old mama performing rather strange aerobics for her age and it got everyone laughing their heads off.
That just forced everyone including me to remember it and thus should be a good advert.it brings us to our next point which is

as your client,i would not bother to look for the meaning of your ad if at all its hidden because i have absolutely no reason why i would do that.remember commercials come in to intrude in a way and therefore should be simple,quick and memorable.Airtel,then zain,once had a group of youngsters jump over a perimeter wall to a side that seemed more lively in a bid to introduce their new ‘vuka’ tariff which is a Swahili word for ‘migrate’. it was quite effective and it captured the attention of its target market

3. global or mass effect
most people are much more comfortable with what everyone thinks is right.humans are social beings and identifying with their fellow humans is only natural.
that’s a great advantage to a corporate unit that is aware of this.
Safaricom has managed to hold on to a whole 80% of the market share in Kenya where its based and i can attest to their application of this simple technique.Their generous display of beautiful sceneries people can identify with across the country each time a new ad goes public has always made Kenyans feel like they belong and the results have been tremendous.
the global touch on the other hand seeks to convince the customer to offer you their trust.it makes them feel safe with your product and that is the most powerful incentive to keep them around when your competitors are after them.
how to achieve that? make reference to something current and global like a technology,a political statement or a fashion.For instance making reference to Facebook is sure to boost your chances with your client

you just have to be creative when it comes to advertisement.My friends and I were strolling in the city and i heard one shouting while pointing up somewhere.It was a large shinny ksh1 coin on a billboard with a few words on it to introduce the new SMS rates by guess which company again?Safaricom.On the other hand

Need is the mother of invention,creativity is the father!


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