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picture of a complete logo

Designing a good logo is a tasking process but essential to every business.it’s the smallest tool that takes color,illustration and even text to give full identity to a brand.this is the process most designers and I often use but again this is a creative field so each has something unique about their style.

Research begins with a design brief where the designer obtains proper details from the client including the nature of their business,what clientel they’re targeting,any customization requirements they might suggest for instance color and definitely the business name and slogan.find out how much the client plans to dedicate to the project,whether they have a fixed deadline in mind for the project,what their goals are and why.let the client help you identify who their competitors are and how they differ from them.find out what the idea was behind the business name then you can now move to documenting. you should draft a business agreement including the amount to be charged and specify what percentage the client should provide for work to begin.I usually begin design work with 40-50% then the rest is paid immediately the logo has been approved and finalized.once the client signs and you have your work deposit,it’s time to gather information on current trends which will ensure your logo fits the market it’s meant for.

Now from the design brief and competitors’ sampled logos,come up with concepts of your own.I prefer to make sketches on paper since it allows me to move around while thinking and it obviously takes less time trying out various ideas.
brainstorming ideas

You can take breaks to reflect on the concepts already drawn.this renews your energy and boosts a clearer thought process.get feedback from someone.it could even be a stranger!actually this is how I met my first girlfriend so you can see how the designer’s creativity comes in handy everywhere.

Transfer your concepts into a computer using software that meets modern design needs like adobe illustrator.do all your fine tuning and test various combinations of colour.

Select the best three or four concepts and send to the client for approval.storming them with too many concepts will only complicate things for both of you and end up taking too much time.trust that if you’re the designer then you know best and choosing the right concept is your prerogative. Once a concept is approved,perfect it and deliver the right formats in CD eg 300dpi JPEG,PNG 72dpi 800×800. That is it!

click on the picture to see the whole tutorial by Jacob Cass

Pricing and Costing Pricing is one of the issues that comes up every time.how do you price your work? There are many factors to consider when determining the price including the intensity of research required,the time committed into completion of the project,the customized needs of the client etc.the bottom line is,the quote for each client varies from time to time.you need to be affordable and still have something to keep your design business around tomorrow.

— Salman Metobo is a design consultant with Skyleap Agencies Ltd|Telecommunications Engineering student at JKUAT|mobile +254718534064 email:salman.metobo@gmail.com

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Calm in the storms Of Life

Gather around the fire Friends and let me narrate to you a true story that happened in a far way land….Once upon a time,many many years ago before electricity had been invented,there was a man.His name was Jesus the Nazorean.Apart from his unusual conception and birth where God and man had contributed,he was quite an ordinary man,brought up in a humble home of a hardworking carpenter.He was tall, long hair,gentle eyes and had a strong figure.

Lk 8:22 ‘One day he got into a boat with his disciples and said to them,”Let us cross to the other side of the lake.”So they set sail,23 and while they were sailing he fell asleep.A squall blew over the lake,and they were taking in water and were in danger.24 They came and woke him saying,”Master,master,we are perishing!”He awakened, rebuked the wind and the waves,and they subsided and there was calm.25 Then he asked them,”where is your faith?” But they were filled with awe and amazed and said to one another,”who then is this, who commands even the winds and the sea, and they obey him?”

`°°°It was a beautiful evening and the sun was setting.Jesus had been with the crowds as usual,attending to them and I can imagine he must have been really tired by the time he got into the boat with his disciples to sail off to the other side of the sea.No wonder soon after,Jesus fell deep asleep while the disciples were probably telling stories,recounting the events of that day and keeping watch as they enjoyed their voyage across the Galilee.With Jesus in the boat,disciples must have thought,nothing could go wrong.They had been with him and had seen the great power he had often displayed and had come to accept him as their master.

°°°In life,it’s important to walk closely with Christ,witnessing his great works and knowing him for who he truly is,beyond just hearing about him from others .Then we will be confident as we walk through life,knowing Jesus is always with us and we can see him,touch him,talk to him and listen to him.His presence with us is oftentimes so natural,so mild,so simple that you might even fail to recognize his divinity and greatness as he sleeps so gently by our side.

Let the storm begin,waves were lashing vindictively against the boat and it shook around,splash water started filling it,the wind was violent and night was catching on,fear came upon the disciples!they looked at Jesus,curious to see his reaction and confused because they did not expect a storm in the presence of Jesus, and what do they see? Jesus still sleeping so comfortably on a cushion as if nothing was the matter.This must have made them so angry as they woke him up saying,”don’t you care that we’re perishing?”

°°°Friends,How many times have you been disappointed in life, devotedly following God hoping the worst won’t happen to you then it does?How many times have you felt that God didn’t care much about your difficult situation?Dear Friends,Jesus is always close by you,loving you as though you were the only one because by him you were formed in your mother’s womb and before you were born,he knew you! yet you will still encounter storms.why would he let us encounter storms then if he loved us so much?
Because he wants us to learn,to grow,to know him,to love him and to choose him, to resign ourselves unreservedly to his saving power.
He wants us to have faith in him and do something about it.He wants us to play agents or troops to his saving mission and how better than to mould us like he himself was moulded.Showing us how to carry that cross daily yet walk with it,falling many times even but rising up again because of the journey we must complete, because of the crown that awaits us.

However,most times we’re visited by storms of life what do we do? we quickly forget and get overcome by fear.Friends don’t let fear overcome you.We’re human and sometimes the feelings of anxiety or fear might linger but don’t give them space.stand up brother,stand up sister and act in faith!

The disciples were afraid,and they ran to the master to wake him up,not realizing they were already in his very presence with them and all they needed was faith to do what he would do.for this he rebuked them.Don’t we often do the same?Don’t we often let fear overshadow our faith then make it seem like God is ignoring us?

Friends,when the storms come as they often would, do not be quick to blame God,realize instead that those are opportunities God has given you to demonstrate your faith.ask your sweet friend the holy Spirit to help you through and see if He doesn’t!There’s nothing too hard for God to do.Do you believe that?

So Jesus wakes up and what does he do first?he rebukes the wind and the violent waves,”be silent!” there comes a great calm!Then finally Jesus can rebuke the disciples for their lack of faith.

°°°What do we do as christians when there is a crisis in our midst,when things go wrong?do we immediately find fault with others and dwell on who was responsible or do we look for a way out first,then afterwards,lovingly correct those who went wrong? That’s an element of Godly leadership as Jesus demonstrates.

The boat has often symbolized the Church,which goes through good and rough times.Through faith in Christ Jesus and His very presence in the Church,there is always a great calm in the midst of storms and you see Jesus is the only reason the Church won’t fall apart.your body too is a temple of God and as the priest of your own temple,what better than to invite Jesus inside so that you never fall apart!

Finally,if you desire to have the Lord staying under your roof,how else but to have your house always cleaned out and fit for a King?

Praise the Lord,Halleuia!calm and beautiful

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fantasy ripple

the blue tide


  • Hoist up sail while gale doth last, Tide and wind stay no man’s pleasure.

Robert Southwell


  • Weak minds sink under prosperity as well as adversity; but strong and deep ones have two high tides.

David Hare


  • Happiness is not a matter of events; it depends upon the tides of the mind.

Alice Meynell


  • Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin





Abstract Wall Art

Visual Arts 008

Visual Arts 008 (Photo credit: pennstatelive)


art is not so simple to describe objectively.different people in different environments often conceive art differently sometimes depending on the emotions or feelings evoked from its visual or tactile appreciation.no one person can really fully describe art except as his rendition of it or its elements.this metamorphic nature of art gives it different lifeforms over the ages and that’s how come we can appreciate today century old artworks the likes of  Picasso,caves of Lascaux, to Rome’s Trajan’s Column to the illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages, to the dazzling neons of Ginza.


brown theme wall art


Marjorie Munster-berg says that the simplest visual description uses ordinary words to convey what the writer sees.  First he or she must look at the subject – slowly, carefully, and repeatedly, if possible – to identify the parts that make the whole. These parts must be sorted into the more and the less important, since no description can include everything, and assumptions must be separated from actual observations. It is easy to confuse what we see with what we think we see, or what we know is there.  Then comes the difficult job of finding appropriate words. In effect, writing a visual description consists of two separate acts of translation.  The first transforms a visual experience into a verbal one and the second turns a private experience into one that can be communicated to someone else.


In my opinion,it is art that makes the world what it is today and if science contributes considerably then look for art in science and you will see that it is still art.




I met God in the Morning

Little girl in the field

I met God in the morning,
When the day was at its best,
And His presence came like sunrise,
Like a glory in my breast.

All day long the presence lingered,
All day long He stayed with me,
And we sailed in perfect calmness O’er a very troubled sea.

Other ships were blown and battered.Other ships were sore distressed.
But the winds that seemed to drive them, Brought to me a peace and rest.
Then I thought of other mornings,
With a keen remorse of mind,
When I too had loosed the moorings,
With the presence left behind.

So, I think I know the secret,
Learned from many a troubled way:
You must seek Him in the morning
If you want Him through the day.

Ralph Cushman
Check out a similarly inspiring ancient poem here in very simple proseNeed is the mother of invention,creativity is the father!

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How to create a stunning poster in no time

Create a poster and give it a professional touch with 10 simple tricks listed below.posters are one of the most powerful tools of communication you can use to promote business,boost your portfolio and even bring out the artistic side of your personality.


Whether you are a designer with a long list of clients with so little time or just a hobbyist who wants to spice up his room or office,this is how to go about it.

1.open the a design software of choice,i prefer adobe Photoshop but any can do

2.open a new document under file menu and specify the size to that you want the poster to be e.g A4.pick CMYK which is best for a printed poster or RGB best for web uploads.

3.play around with different backgrounds but in-case you have any doubts,plain white is always the best option.Remember you are trying to work fast to beat the deadline!

4.at this stage,think of what the poster is meant to achieve.is it a college advertisement for an upcoming event?is it a wall hanging for your living room?write it down somewhere

5.ask yourself these questions and make a quick list of all the answers.
*who is the poster targeting or what kind of audience should it attract when its done?
*what do you want to tell this audience?
*what should they do after having seen your poster?
*finally,what are the words that come to mind when you think of your audience and your message to them?you can utilize Google in-case you are experiencing the ‘writer’s bloc’olympics-posters

6.import an image most relevant to your answers above or download a quality one through Google and always go for the big resolution type.its pretty easy to manipulate.place the image on the top left if not sure and then enlarge it to the rest of the background by pressing Ctr l+T,then hold shift as you drag at the lower right-hand corner to the desired size.

7.Now its time for text or type.select a good one according to your test but ensure its visible enough.select a bold color for your text and ensure it contrasts well with your image if placed on the image or background if placed on the background.
Type your message using the list you wrote and make it as short as possible.remember not many people are going to waste their precious time reading your details but for a quick glance they have no choice,so take advantage of that quick glance to pass your message across!

8.move back and look at your piece of artwork from various angles.visualize it on it on a wall somewhere and make all the alterations you want in terms of color,placement of text,size of each element etc.

9.Ensure there is only one focal point to hold your audience’s attention and make it more appealing by making one element dominant using size,texture or even outstanding color.test and apply whatever works for you.design is about freedom and that’s why i love it so much

10.congratulations!You are almost there but this step is really important.Show your design to a friend and ask them what they think you should improve on.you will be surprised how much you could not see on your own!remember not everybody can create a good porter but anyone will note when they come across one.

Minor differences in taste for things like color should not get you worried much however.
You can post your comments to add on anything i might have left out,let me know what you think or even ask questions.Thanks for reading.

Need is the mother of invention,creativity is the father!


Tracing the Lost Path With Pencil and Pad

Just the other day during one of my nature walks i found myself seated on a huge log of tree quietly resting beneath leafy branches,and it was all peaceful.

Old memories started to rekindle especially those days i used to sit still in the studio for hours drawing stencils set by our art teacher on a table at one of the dimly lit corners.

I started to see lines of graphite cris-crossing and i could hear the weaverbirds singing not far behind me.The two spiraled together into some kind of harmonic monotones and as it got to crescendo the feeling was almost therapeutic!

I guess at one point or the other we all have that delicious memory of a blissful moment we wish to savour over and over again.
Thats how that evening i ended up visiting a few galleries online and the following day i was already searching for the younger salman with a light pencil and a big texturized sketchbook

I realized how lost i had become but when a visiting friend admired a few of the sketches i had left strewn on the table that same night,i began to walk through the old path i had lost trace of.

I will definately not refuse to share some of the pencil sketches with you on this very platform as soon as am done with easter break.

Meanwhile there’s this beautiful pencil sketch i came across the other day and the artist could be having are more you might like.If you have a soft spot for fine art deep down within you then why not…go ahead and have a glimpse!
Art Prints

If you’ll allow me to quote from one my favourite movies ‘The other end of the kind’,….
It’s my pleasure doing nice things for nice people,nice people like you!

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